Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 hrs
Make and drill 668 spacers for roll bar. This is the second set, and these will work. The first set of holes were too close to the longerons. To solve the problem I had order new 668s since the first set were already drilled to size.
Since there were holes drilled in the canopy deck that were slightly off, I first marked where those holes were on the roll bar flange. I then marked and drill new #40 holes on the roll bar flange. Clamping the roll bar securely to the longeron/canopy deck, drilled new holes using the roll bar as a guide. These holes overlapped the old holes somewhat. It sat that way for two weeks waiting for the new 668s.
So now there are two sets of #40 holes in the canopy deck. With the new 668s cut to size, the new set of holes is used to mark the 668s. Then the 668s are drilled to final size.

Good this time, with no nicking of the longerons. Then enlarged the two forward holes in the roll bar flange to 3/16, clamped the roll bar to the deck, and used the flange as a guide to drill the deck to 3/16.
Worked great. Repeated this for the two aft 1/4" holes.
Then spent a bunch of nerve wracking time with a dremel and a mirror opening an access gap for the aft holes on the bottom flange of the canopy decks. Using a dremel in a mirror is a challenge. But got it done, and now the roll bar is almost ready to go.

Trial fit of plumbing for gascolator drain. Bought some brass hardware at Home and Aircraft Depot that looks like it will work OK.

Installed two AN509 screws on left side fuel tank attach bracket.
Now to finish the floor of the forward section and plan wiring conduits, then the forward section can be finished.