Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Friday, May 7, 2010

3 hrs
Torqued nose gear and main gear through bolts. These are AN5 bolts and take 120-150 inch-pounds of torque. Calibrated the small click type torque wrench I bought a while back using my old beam torque wrench. Made it easy to tighten the bolts properly.

Prewired and install electric fuel pump, then made the fuel line line for pump to gascolator. Can't intall it yet because I want to use a steel elbow at the gascolator.

Installed line from fuel pump to fuel selector.
Bend canopy roll bar for better fit. Went to Home and Aircraft depot and bought a 2 ton come-along. With it I was able to bend the roll bar like a bow. Had to get about 3 3/4" of deflection to get the proper amount of set. Now it's well within the 1/16" that Van's specs. Bending that thing is kind of scary. If something gives there's a lot of potential energy, enough to do serious damage or injury.

Placed the weekly order to Van's, for various hardware bits, FWF hoses, and the baffle kit. If I get stuck on other stuff I can work on the baffle kit.

Also shipped the 605-SEN forward spinner plate back to Van's. I need the standard wooden prop plate for the Catto prop, and I have to ship that and the rest of the spinner parts to Cato when I get it. Catto will do the spinner install for me. I should have that prop by the end of May, well before I can really use it. Need to order a Saber prop extension.