Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Friday, April 2, 2010

6 hrs, 8 rivets
Finally installed the fuse tray. Match drilled the hinge and fabbed a bracket for the two dzus fasteners. The attach bracet has a Z shape, so the forward edge of the fuse tray is higher than the bottom of the panel. This keeps the wing nut dzus fasteners out of the right seaters space.

Fit and drilled the engine control bracket. Spent part of the 6 hrs trying the plane on (sitting it it). The standard location for the bracket intrudes on space needed by my knees. Also, if this fabbed bracket is installed flush with the forward face of the firewall, the control cables will be about an inch too short. So I fabbed a bracket to mount it behind the panel, and moved it an inch to the right. My right knee is very satisfied with the result.
Install nutplates on the control bracket so it can be removed from the firewall.

Installed fuse blocks on fuse tray. Then looked at where to put the dzuz fasteners. One problem I've had is the subpanel is a bit warped. Fluting hasn't helped. So I clamped a piece of wood to the back to straighten it up. This made the fuse tray fit much better and I drilled pilot holes in the tray and bracket. I'm thinking I might rivet a angle along the bottom of the subpanel to straighten it out. Need to get the avionics stack sorted out to see how that will work.

Drilled VA168 transducer manifold to firewall.

Some of the time was spent planning firewall penetrations for all of the electrical stuff. I think I'm converging on a solution.