Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Thursday, April 29, 2010

1.5 hrs, 4 rivets
Fabbed the gascolator bracket. Did a little last night, but not enough to count. Got it cut to size, deburred, and cut the hole for the intake. Drilled the holes for the bracket bolts, and installed the nutplates. Now it needs to be drilled to the firewall.

Got two deliveries today. The 327 tray from Garmin/AC Spruce, and the Nav/Stobe/Tail lights bought used. They had never been installed, so they are actually brand new. A NS90 pair, and a Suntail. Paid just what I wanted to for them. They're very bright, they'll give you spots if you look at them. I've been measuring current draw.

The left and right navs draw 202 mA each. The left/right strobes draw a max of 1.65 Amps each. I did see it spike to 2.25 once, but I couldn't repeat that. Multiple experiments with my meter came up with 1.65 as the max. They're drawing zero when off, and the long term average is 510 mA.
The Suntail Nav light only draws 90 mA. But the strobe peaks at 3.8 Amps! The strobe draws 42mA minimum, and 1.28 A average. This is all at 12V.

When I hold my hand held transceiver antenna close to the lights, it picks up noise, enough to break squelch. It picks up noise from the power leads that I have rigged up, also. I have to be about a foot away before the noise stops, closer and the noise gets stronger. Don't know how this will all perform when my nav and comm coax is running right next to the power leads in the wings. The nav antenna will be outside the metal skin, and about a foot away from the power leads.

Oh, yes. Almost forgot. Need to document a problem. Got a call from Garmin. They found what they think are problems with the SL-40. Something about the tray cam lock and damage to the display circuit board. There was also something wrong with the monitor button and a display segment. Unfortunately, this all kicks in their $450 flat rate repair charge. Ah, the perils of buying used. I can't wait to find out if the 327 has any problems. At any rate, the seller is trying to help make it all better. I'll pay more than I wanted to, but less than full price. On the bright side, the radio should be nearly brand new now. I tried to claim that the SL-30 function was defective and they should fix that for the flat rate. But the technician didn't seem to grasp that I was trying to be a smart ass. Is this mic on?