Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, January 23, 2010

6 hrs
Threw a wing party today. Had Jim R., John, Orion, and Jim D. over to help install the wings for the first time. The wings went on relatively easy, but of course it took a while as you have to fuss over all the details.

Managed to get them both on in my garage, and we can still walk around the ends!

Then set up the levels and plumb bobs. Got the fuselage leveled out, and the wings setup in a straight line. The two wing tips are within a 1/8 " of the same distance from the equivalent reference point on the tail. So those two facts prove the wings are as square as we can get them.

Then we went to measure incidence. It was off by a bit, and needed the trailing edge to be lifted by quite a bit. We couldn't quite get them just right. Then Orion noticed that one level used for the longitudinal measurement was on the canopy deck and the other wasn't. There's some error. Finaly, Jim R. noticed that the two levels we were using for transverse anchors were different thicknesses. Doh! We got two the same height, releveled the fueselage, and the wing incidence fell right into place (after undoing the lift we had applied).

Took a break, measured it all a third time, and drilled the aft spar attach bolts.

Then we got the flaps installed and started working on the holes for the flap actuator rods. We got these trimmed enough to be usable, but the rods are about an inch too long. Will need to study up on this, because I wasn't expecting that.

Somewhere in there, Lynne and Suanne cooked up a batch of wings and had a party!