Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, October 31, 2009

5.5 hrs, 75 rivets
Finish filing and deburring canopy decks. Fit and match drill 921A decks. I haven't found where these are done in the instructions, and one builder mentions working on them at this stage. Bend the tabs on the 921B's to fit the 921A's. Finished countersinking all 921 canopy deck parts.

Deburr longerons and firewall stiffeners for 695 installation. Deburr longerons for 921 installs. Countersink longerons for 757 gussets. Deburr 757 gussets.

Remove and deburr 714 aft deck, longerons, 710C spacer, 711E spacer, and 711D angle.

Scuff, clean, and prime all those parts.

Rivet 711D angle to bulkhead.
After letting the primer set, started riveting.
Rivet 714 aft deck and spacers

Rivet 757 gussets to 705 bulkhead and longerons.

Also trimmed the SafeAir static ports to fit around the bulkheads. Scuffed the skin and the static port. Will use ProSeal to install these.

Friday, October 30
2.5 hrs
Not sure how, but managed to forget logging and posting last night.
Match drill 695 gussets.

Disassemble and deburr.Match drill shoulder harness anchors. Deburr.

Start disassembling 921B canopy decks. File right side to match the skin counter. Start countersinking canopy decks.