Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Took Lynne flying for the first time since last August.  The weather seemed perfect, but there was a west wind at altitude, this makes for nearly direct crosswinds at most fields in Central Texas.   The crosswinds aren't too much of a factor in the RV-9, but the lack of a headwind, and possibly even a tailwind are.  More on that later.

It was a little bumpy until we got above 4200.  So we buzzed over to Marble Falls and then to a private strip  south on Hwy 281.   I used this as a reference for some commercial maneuver practice.  Did steep turns, lazy 8's, chandelles, and then spiral decent to a landing.  The west wind meant I had to put in bank angle corrections on the spiral to stay over the airport.   I came into the key point pretty close and I continued with a power off landing, going around at about 50ft.
Lynne didn't seem to mind all this turning and engine off flying.  Next time we'll try some slow flight and perhaps some simple stalls. 

From there we went back to Horseshoe Bay and circled the airport.  Lynne took a few pictures.   There are many lots still available out there, and she seems almost anxious to go check them out.  In fact, we're about to go drive out there today!

Our future home?

From there we flew up 281 and stopped at Burnet.  We got out and walked over to the museum to have a quick look.  Their planes were all out, but we spent some time in the museum just looking around and chatting with one of the curators.

From there it was back to Lakeway, where the west wind dished out a challenge.  I tend to be a bit fast and that means FLOAT.  I was lined up nicely on short final for 16 when the west wind showed it's north component which in a matter of seconds kicked me past the glide slope.  Suddenly I'm over midfield, too fast, and at 100 ft.  Time for a go around.  I came back around and tried 34, which worked better, but someone started taxiing out for 16.  I radioed short final and they pulled out onto a taxiway.  No problem.