Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, March 29, 2009

1.2 hrs, 114 rivets
Today started a bit cool but turned out to be a gorgeous day in Central Texas. Got moving and realized that March was ending quickly and I hadn't flown since the beginning of February. Way past time to get some landings. Checked the weather, perfect conditions until the winds picked up around 2. Checked the planes, hey, one of the 172's is avialable at 11. So booked the plane and did the rest of the pre-flight stuff. To top it off, the rates wnet down to just expensive, instead of outrageous and painful, due to relief on fuel prices. Woo hoo, maybe I can fly enough to really be current, instead of just legal.
Got in two touch n goes at Lockhart. Got there just in time, the pattern got busy as I departed. Two decent landings. The landing in Austin was decent for a stay high, land long to avoid the rotor from the regional jet that just landed. The wind was calm on the ATIS, but it was just picking up on the runway. As I got the mains down and got it slowed to about 50, a gust grabbed the right wing and lifted me completely off the ground. Great, catty-womp, stall horn blaring. But fought it back level and got the mains down gently, and then the nose. Three decent landings. Of course that was with no wind to speak of.

After the drive back from Bergstrom, ate lunch and got ready for my riveting help to arrive, Jim Darrah, Hombre mas Mejor! We realized he hadn't had the riveting clinic, so we started with that. Forgot to dial the pressure down on the regulator, so he had an extra challenge with the gun. After that we sat down and cranked out the right wing J-stringer rivets.

That completes the top side riveting on both wings, save the 5 inboard most rear spar/skin rivets. We moved the wing to the cradle. Sure looks nice.

Broke up that party to attend another, Orion's 30th birthday! I remember when O was three years old. Egads, he's already older than I was then! By a lot!

After getting home, had the pleasure of tearing down the wing stand. That thing was awkward and in the way. Glad it's gone. Charged an hour to misc..