Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, January 11, 2009

5.2 hrs, 17 rivets
Finished duckworks bracket install for left wing.

After reading the paper and having breakfast, ran a quick trip to Home and Aircraft Depot. Picked up birdseed (for the finch flock), 8 foot cedar boards for new wren houses, and flat black paint. The paint was for the newly constructed light mounting bracket. Decided to paint it flat black. Entirely optional. Thinking of leaving everything else in that bay untouched. I think it's going to look great.
Riveted the now flat black bracket together. Also match drilled, primed, and painted the right bracket.

Countersink the acrylic window. Used the deburring bit. This makes hexagonal holes, no matter how hard you try to keep it steady.
Final drill and countersink the #6 screw holes in the skin. This step and the countersinking in the previous step - which required a test dimple in .025 skin material, recycled from the light cutout - took a fair amount of time step drilling and using reamers to try and get round holes. Going from a #40 hole to a #6 screw, I would drill a couple of intermediate sizes using the bits in the new #1-#60 kit I bought from Brown Tool. This collection of drill bits is not found in any of the RV tool kits, but I constantly found a need for some odd sized bit. Now I have them all. What a great toy. My grandfather would be proud.

Countersink retainer clips and rivet nutplates to retainer clips.
Install weather stripping.
Trimed the acrylic window to size on the bandsaw and finished using the process on the Duckworks FAQ page.

Installed the bracket and the window. I may need to remove the window for storage, since it will be 2 and half more years before it will be airborne.

After the light kit detour, it was time to get back to wing construction. The next order of business was match drilling the right leading edge.

Next up is the right tank, but in parallel the left wing can be final riveted, starting with the leading edge.