Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Right elevator assembly

Long break because of work and travel to Virginia to visit Dad.

1.3 hrs, 78 rivets
Rivet elevator horn to spar assembly.

Rivet counterbalance ribs together.

Longeron yoke ordered a month ago arrived in the nick of time. It came in handy for riveting the ribs together.

Rivet counterbalance skin to ribs.

3.6 hours, 24 rivets
Dimple spar assembly
Clean and prime counterbalance skin and ribs, spar assembly, stiffeners.

Dimple right elevator skin.
Clean and prime skin.
Rivet nutplates, reinforcement plates to spar assembly.

Sunday, April 6
Went flying today in the club 152. At Bergstrom was a surprise. The day before, working in the garage I heard the deep rumble of a big multiengine. I ran outside to see a WWII bomber flying very close. Not too unusual, there's a couple of CAF squadrons in the area. Then another, and yet another, and I managed a pic of the last one. So fast forward to Sunday.

All three bombers wereat Atlantic. We had to walk under them to get to the 152. What a treat!

Turns out they were from the Boston area and were selling tours and rides. They had a B24, B25, and B17, all of which flew over Lakeway the day before.

The B-17 returning. The field had just gone IFR.

And they had a Mustang.

What a beautiful machine!