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The Big Picture
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trip to Europe - Lake Como

Lake Como

One of the benefits of Milan is its proximity to the Italian Lake country. This region has been known for millennium as one of the more beautiful parts of the world, and is an acceptable destination for well heeled young European adults to live in as part of their classical education and upbringing. The area if full of stunning mountain and lake scenery, magnificent villas, and a thriving lake life style.

We visited Lake Como on Thursday, July 30.

Our itinerary was to take the R17 regional train to Como Nord Lago station and board a ferry with a day pass to just go wherever we felt like. It worked to perfection. The train station is only a block away from the waterfront, and dock 2 at the marina was only a couple of hundred meters away. This would be one day that we didn't do miles of walking.
The ferry's were clean and not too crowded. There boats were of varying sizes, and had restrooms and most importantly, a bar! We could always find a seat with a stunning, unobstructed view, as well as out of the sun. The weather was perfect. Warm, but not broiling. Clouds kept the sun at bay most of the day, and we even saw a touch of welcome rain.

We rode the ferry up to Menaggio, and disembarked to walk around and find lunch.

We reboarded and headed back, stopping at Tremezzio to see the Villa Carlotta.

It was a very pleasant day on Lake Como. Next time we'll do Lake Maggiore which is supposed to have even more villas to tour. We got back to Como just in time to board the train to Milano Centrale, caught the M1 back to Buonarotti, and then found dinner in another great little neighborhood restaurant. What a great day! This is when we really started liking Milan.

Next up, Expo2015.