Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I decided to get a TSA precheck status since I might be on commercial airplanes a bit more often. I looked at the web page and the closest processing center appeared to be in Victoria. Seems kind of silly that there isn't one in Austin, but I couldn't find one if there is.  That's OK, it gives me a good excuse to use the airplane for something besides just burning fossil fuels!
So I planned a round trip from 88R to KVCT.   It's a nice 50 minute cross country. I had the appointment scheduled for 11, so took off, got flight following from Austin approach, and was soon enjoying a great tailwind and glass smooth air.

The fun part went way too fast. On the ramp at Victoria were all sorts of Navy and Coast Guard training aircraft. Apparently they create enough traffic to justify a control tower.   It's kinda funny.  I'm oohing and aahing over all the various high performance hardware I see on ramps.  At the same time, the crews are ogling the RV, waving, and giving me the thumb's up, like I'm the one flying something special!

I started the courtesy car adventure which wasn't too bad - except the drivers window would not go down and it was a beautiful day). Got to the appointment, gave the feds my fingerprint collection, and got back to the airport.

The flight home was not fun. Strong headwind, bumpy as hell. Oh well, at least it was good VFR. I did get a couple of good pictures of the construction across Southwest Parkway from AMD's offices. They've been working on it for at least a year.

There will be a new HEB somewhere in there, but it's hard to tell where from this picture.