Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looks like some people still read my blog.  Sorry for the lack of new stuff.  Hopefully you're finding the building posts useful.

A few things to post about recently, bear with me while I add content over the next couple of days.
Here's the outline, I'll add pictures and more details.

Filed an instrument flight plan today to fly some approached in actual conditions.  But as soon as I left the ground, the plane was getting tossed around way too much. And the clouds looked to have to much energy up close.  So I chickened out just before going into IMC, established contact with approach, cancelled IFR, and came back to land.  Most unsatisfying.

Yesterday went to get the chapter 187 scales in Georgetown, me and the local 787 captain. Ended up with pictures of a Pilatus P-2.   Wait till you see this thing! There are only two in the country.  I was talking with Mike Collier today and he says, "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to go fly that thing!".

That's an inverted V-12!

A few days ago I flew safety pilot for one our our local guys working on his instrument rating. He knocked out 8 approaches, mostly the ILS 13 at KHYI. He did a great job and should have no trouble with his checkride. Another 2 hours of Cherokee Archer time, although I didn't count any PIC time.

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about my shiny new tailwheel endorsement.  I got 5 hours and 30 landings in a Taylorcraft BC12D.    I think I can deal with preventing a ground loop well enough, it's kind of obvious when you need to add rudder to keep the plane straight.  The hard part for me is keeping the correct attitude for the 3 point landings, and the reverse control inputs (compared to landing the delicate nosewheel RV-9A) required for wheel landings.   One bonus is the old plane really taught me about adverse yaw and how to use the rudder in turns, something the RV doesn't require.
Now to figure out how to stay tailwheel current.

Cav and the Taylorcraft at KTPL.