Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Haven't flown much in the month since the annual and trailing edge work was finished. Weather has been kind of crummy, such as today, which explains why I'm typing this in instead of returning from somewhere.
I did take up a couple of passengers, Brenda and Debbie.

Flew down to Galveston and visited the flight museum. Moody Gardens is right at the airport, so this is a possible destination with Lynne.

Finally, I flew out of Lakeway at dusk one evening to re-establish night currency. I flew a VFR ILS 13 at San Marcos, then a landing and takeoff in Junction, a landing and takeoff in Kerrville, and two landings and a takeoff in Fredricksburg. It was a perfect evening, the plane was flying on polished rails.

Leaving San Marcos, once established at 4500 feet I looked up and saw a V of birds about 500 feet higher. Another 10 minutes and it would be too dark to see them. That's right, large migrating birds at 5000 feet, at night! October is good time of year to fly, but there are risks.

One other item to add - the autopilot saga. The A/P pitch axis was acting up on the way home from Oshkosh. I removed the controller and sent it in, when I got it back it was completely refurbished. But it didn't fix the problem. I spent some time verifying the pitch servo cable. Perfectly fine. So out came the pitch servo and off it went to Arkansas to True Trak. They refurbised it (the amplifier had failed) and I got it back and installed on September 18. I'm happy to report that the autopilot now works perfectly. And it's brand new!