Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oshkosh 2012

The rental car was a brand new Toyota Prius, suppled by Kolosso Toyota.  This was super convenient, we picked up the car right at the FBO.   Angie Kolosso herself gave us a quick lesson in how to use the car (you don't start a Prius, you turn it on!).  Then we checked into our room and headed to Whitman field to buy passes and stroll around a bit.

Monday was ridiculously hot.
I attended a few workshops, one on TIG welding, one on gas welding, and one on fiberglass taught by Sam James.  I didn't learn too much in the fiberglass presentation, except that Sam makes it look really easy and he tells really good jokes as he goes. 

Clint and Larry Vetterman, and Mark Goldberg.  Cav has a Vetterman exhaust system, Mark lives at 3R9.

Tuesday I went out to the plane to check the air in the tires.  I had checked on Monday (inspecting for problems from the hard landing), and they looked a bit low.  In reality they were down a little, but perfectly flyable.  But I aired them up and then I was happy that the plane was just right.
Fortunately Tuesday was a reasonably nice day, and I didn't sweat to death taking both wheel pants off to air up the mains.

What's Oshkosh without a huge airplane?

Like this C17 Globemaster that you could live on!

A big attraction of the show this year was the 40th anniversary of Van's Aircraft.
Here are a few pics of the Van's model parade. 

The RV-1, flown by Van himself!

I have to say that even Lynne was impressed with Oshkosh. She'd been to lots of airshows as an AirForce brat, but she was unprepared for the scale and variety of this event. I might even be able to coax her back for another visit!

The Steve Miller band Monday evening concert.

This one's for you Jim!