Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nearly done with the HS. 50 more rivets and the center elevator hinge bracket/bearing still to go. Found a Park torque wrench TW-1 that will do what is needed for the AN3 and AN4 bolts. Will try to find at local bike stores before ordering from Performance Bike.

4 hrs and 210 rivets. The rear spar is attached and the HS has come to life!
Finish riveting left HS main ribs.
Cleco rear spar to HS
Rivet rear spar to ribs
Start riveting spar to skin
Match drill HS911 912 elevator hinge bracket and bearing

Finished front spar left HS skin riveting.
Rivet front spar to outboard nose and main ribs.
Start riveting main ribs to skin.

Haven't said much about it but I have flown a little since the project started.

Friday I flew a 182RG. Picked up the high performance and complex endorsements. Now I have to go out and practice solo before taking up passengers. And I'll need more instruction time in that aircraft as part of the commercial requirements. Don't have any plans for a commercial ticket, but it seems like a good idea. And I like the ring of "Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot", as long as it's not attached to an accident report. Still 75 hours away, though.

Wow, a light 182 climbs much better than the 152 and 172! Of course I knew that from reading the climb tables, but it was surprising to experience it as the pilot. Plus we had a nice cool day and wind 180 at 15. I can't wait to experience the RV-9 climb performance.