Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post for yesterday, Dec 31, 2010. 5 hrs. 11 rivets
Finished wiring trim circuit. Hooked up the trim servo with the elevator leaning against the airplane to test it. Don't have the panel switch yet, but the pilot stick makes the trim servo work as expected. Used a Ray Allen REL-2 relay to drive the servo. Using a (ON)-OFF-(ON) switch on the panel and a Ray Allen G303 1 axis grip. This allows me to control trim and PTT from the pilot stick. The copilot stick has a RAC G101 grip, which only has push-to-talk. So there is a trim switch on the panel in case I fly from the right seat.
Not happy with the connector blocks I used to wire the trim circuits together. Too hard to reach in the confined space between seat ribs. For this low power app, DB-9 connectors would have worked nicely.
The trim cicuit also included the last EMS-220 general purpose input connection. So that part of the install is done. This Dynon forum post details how to use the Ray Allen trim servo position circuit to drive a trim indicator on the Skyview display.

Installed connectors for Skyview GPS antenna. This took way longer than necessary because I kept messing up the molex connector, and because I used the RevD Skyview diagram to wire the serial line. This leaves out one of serial RX lines, so the right Skyview wasn't getting a GPS signal. Fixing it involved cutting off the molex connector and completely redoing the pins.

Install left seat back. Did this so I can sit in the new seat while entering in all of the Skyview settings needed to support all the bells and whistles now hooked up.