Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 hrs
Installed inline fuse on always on buss feed. It made me nervous not having that fused. A 20 Amp should cover the circuitry, but it should never see that kind of load. The always on bus can feed the endurance buss if I turn on the EBUS switch. The endurance buss normally would feed from the master through a diode, but this means there's a .7V diode drop to the EBUS. So if the main is at a low battery voltage of 12.1 V (with the engine off so the alternator is not running), the EBUS is at 11.4 Volts. Most of the circuits seem to work OK, and that should not be the normal condition (engine off). I'm thinking I might even just leave the EBUS switch on, but only when the master is on. Then the EBUS sees full voltage and will not drop if the master has to be turned off. I can turn the EBUS on with the master off and all the EBUS appliances have power.

Finished pulling wires for the cockpit lighting led lines. A strip will be under the glare shield for panel lighting, one small eyeball swivel on the pilot and pax sides, and led dome lights high in the aft section for baggage compartment lighting. They'll all be fed from independent dimmer switches. There won't be a dimmer for anything else on the panel, the only thing that can be dimmed are the Skyviews, and they have automatic dimming, or their own controls.

Only 3 more circuits to install, waiting on wire to allow that. C'mon Spruce, what's taking so long? Since I'm a in bit of a hold, took the panel off. The resulting view looks like an explosion hit the panel. My goal is to make that look nice and tidy.

Yesterday, started running the led lighting power lines.