Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Friday, August 20, 2010

2.3 hrs.

Just finished watching "The Aviator", released in 1985, starring very young Christopher Reeve and Rosanna Arquete (who has a song written about her). Based on the novel by Earnest P. Gann. Pure D aviation! A story about defective personalities. Sadly, I can identify with the characters.

Flew to Taylor (T74) this morning in N413ES. Was looking for Bert Brundage. Found his shop, right next to the FBO, but he wasn't there. Did talk with one of his mechanics, Jason. So why was I looking for Bert Brundage? Well....

So I'm reading "Firewall Forward" by Tony Bingelis. THE book on engine installation, if a bit dated. In his acknowledgement section at the start, the first person he thanks is none other than Seth Hancock. Cool! The very same EAA tech counselor and person from whom I bought my engine. The third person Mr. Bingelis thanks is Bert Brundage. I read that paragraph three times. But there's another connection.

Seth got my engine from Bert.

I've been meaning to talk to Bert and see what he can tell me about the engine. This engine has no logs, and any info I can find helps fill in the history. About all Seth has told me is it came from a Piper airframe back in East Texas. This engine was used on early Comanches, and Seth thinks it might have come from a TriPacer.

Further, a VAF poster, Dan Reilly, is selling 3/4" blast tube flanges and I wanted to buy some. He's at hanger E6 in Taylor!

So I buzzed up there, but didn't find anybody I was looking for. I guess I'll have to try again.

Back in the garage, I got a bit more done on the cowling. Got the lower cowling trimmed. Final trim on the bottom, the top edges need a bit more work, and ready now to cut the trailing edges. I don't like this cowling task, it doesn't fit well at the start and is prone to many errors. But it might work out OK despite all of the mistakes I'm making.