Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 4.2 hrs, 30 rivets
Riveted the end rib on. Mixed 77 grams of proseal and it was more than enough.

Spent a fair amount of time with the capacitive fuel gauge plates and wires. The wires and the tank vent line have to be installed at the same time, making in a bit of a puzzle to get it done in the right order. The instructions have the BNC solder connection as the very first step, but I think it should be the very last step. Get all of the other parts done and the rib installed and BNC installed, then the wire can be trimmed to length and soldered.
Spent time dabbing proseal on the vent line bushings, and the fuel sender wires to prevent any movement.

Used an ohmeter to check the wire connections. Was expecting 0 ohms, but not getting it. Oh. Maybe the meter needs new batteries...

A new battery didn't read 0 ohms, but the audible alert indicates that it is a solid connection between the BNC terminal and the plates, and the BNC collar and the tank skin. I think that's all the testing that needs to be done.

Thursday 4 hrs
Mostly did odd tasks centered on preparing to rivet the inboard tank rib. All day it seemed like I was nearly ready to mix proseal and start in on it. But kept finding odd tasks. Lynne was making sarcastic comments like "They're not expecting us until 5 minutes before dinner". About 1500 it finally sunk in that starting that task was a bad idea.

Trial install vent line, cut to length, bend to fit.
Preinstall fuel guage sender plates and wires. Crimp and solder connector on inboard end of long wire.
Cut and bend both fuel pickup lines.

Fab left fuel pickup line with screen and close off end.
Prepare to rivet inboard rib.