Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1.8 hrs.
Next task was to cleco the leading edge skin to the ribs. After about 15 minutes, decided I couldn't do it with only two hands.
So started stripping plastic from the left tank skin while waiting for one of the girls to get home. That worked. Got about halfway done, when Katrin arrived.
Together we were able to get the job done.
Used the Smitty method once again. Clecoed the front two holes on the bottom of the skin across the width. Then holding it on the edge of the table so the clecoes would clear, used two hands to pull the skin taught over the rib and line the rib properly with the holes. I drew crosshairs on each pre-drilled rib tab to help in the alignment. When it was close, Katrin was able provide fine tuning directions (since I was standing to the aft and couldn't see) and then get the first two clecos in. Then on to the next rib. After two clecos on both top and bottom on all ribs, it went into the cradle. Then it was a piece o'cake.

After putting on all of the clecos it was time to fit the leading edge to the rib. This is when I discovered I had forgotten to trim the 3rd outboard rib to clear the spar rivets. Using a rib from the right, marked where the trimming should go. The unibit made quick work of it after some pilot holes. However, this is a pain with the rest of the leading edge assembly attached to that rib, since it's taken 3 iterations of fine tuning with a dremel and it's still a bit off on the top rivet. But it was time to stop for the night.