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The Big Picture

The Big Picture
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Left elevator skeleton

1.8 hours.
Countersink right elevator trailing edge wedge. Used a chisel to build a simple jig to hold the wedge during countersinking. Just cut a channel the same shape as the wedge in a small piece of 2x4. The upper surface of the wedge now sits flush to the 2x4 surface, so controlling the countersink is a piece of cake. A small hole in the middle allows room for the countersink guide.

Having trouble gauging the correct countersink depth. A flush fit for a rivet is probably about right, but it does enlarge the hole in the wedge. Going deep enough for the skin dimples to properly fit makes it even worse. Going shallow enough to not enlarge the hole makes the trailing edge look terrible.

Edit (4/13/2009): There is actually a note about this in the aileron instructions. It would have been nice if they had included that for the rudder and elevator instructions. Bottom line, it's OK for the countersinks to overlap, which enlarges the hole. Getting the depth right on both sides is the most important metric.

I think I need to join EAA and find some builders to talk to.

Dimple right elevator trailing edge.

Started the left elevator skeleton by
clecoing the spar and root rib to the skin, and the trim tab attach spar.

Also clecoed the counterbalance assembly together and then fitted to the elevator assembly.