Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Saturday, March 21, 2009

2.1 hrs
Can't find anyone to help with riveting so started in on the flap attach hardware.
Fabricated the 925B and 925C angles. This was mostly bandsaw work.

Also made the 906C shims and started on the 906A attach angles. Unfortunately, an
incorrect measurement rendered the two 906A pieces useless. And the angle stock is just too small to get four parts out of it. Doh! I'll be ordering another piece of angle in the near future.

In other news, got the official ack from Van's on the fuselage order. Ship date given as 4/27, which is a bit less than 8 weeks. Woo Hoo! Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it.