Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Thursday, February 7, 2008

HS, VS done!

.3 hrs, 5 rivets
Finished the last VS assembly tasks, squeezing the 3 root and 2 tip rivets attaching the rear spar to the ribs. The mid spar blind rivets were done earlier.

Also torqued the HS912 elevator bracket/bearing assy to the HS rear spar.

The first two assemblies are fabricated. Much more work to do on both - fiberglass tips, finishing, painting, a bit more drilling during fuselage construction - but they're now officially in the way for the next piece.

I don't have exact breakdowns, but I estimate the VS took 22 hrs, and HS took 70.

Of course I had to pose the VS and HS for a picture. This isn't quite how they fit together, but it really looks like part of an airplane now!

Next up, the rudder. But I have to do the taxes before I can return to assembly work.

I have to comment. This project is addictive. Much more so than mere substances. I'm fully afflicted. I would gladly work on the project to the exclusion of the rest of my obligations. I resent having to stop because I'm hungry and other biological necessities. It's a real challenge to stop when I know I'm too fatigued to continue working. And I'm already entertaining irrational thoughts that I have no business thinking about: Should the next one be an 8 or a 10?

1.5 hrs, 77 rivets
Finished riveting the VS skin. The rivets near the inside corners of the brackets attached the rear spar are tricky. I had to drill one out twice. I was experimenting with the squeezer. Removed the fixed set to try and use the yoke as a set. But couldn't get it just right and ended up bending the rivet over. That was the second try. The first try, with the usual pair of sets, just mangled the rivet on both sides. It was probably mechanically secure, as hard as it was to get out (!%$#^$@), but it was too ugly to leave.

The 3/16 clecoes, proseal, and the Park torque wrench all arrived today.