Van's RV-9A in Aurora

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Flying! 8/28/2011

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Rivets!

First production rivets!

Finally set some rivets on the plane.

Only had to drill out three. With two, got too ambitious and riveted the holes where the ribs will attach. You can see where they are drilled out below. With the third, the factory head ended up crooked. Maybe it was a defective rivet. Yeah, that's what happened.

Squeezed most of these, but the squeezer wouldn't reach the bottom three rivets on the angles. These were set with a gun/bucking bar. They'll work, even if just a tad over driven.

But discovered that the flush AN426AD4-6 rivets to be installed on the inner most holes in the front spar are actually -5 rivets as shipped in the kit by Van's. They're too short. An email has been been sent off to Van's.

Hey wait! That rivet's not right.

Sure looks like 5/16's to me. Van's agreed.

Finished deburring all of the VS parts. Pulled the skin down, and will work on cleaning that up before moving on with the VS pre-assembly.

VS structure deburred and ready for assembly.


MEK'd all of the HS parts prior to priming. It's far too cold here so cleaned the parts, then moved them into the house to warm them up. Then ran them out to the driveway for priming. This 988 primer sets up very nice. The first test is setting the rivets in the front spar/doubler. Used a hand squeezer, which is a real challenge with 4/32 rivets. I feel a pneumatic squeezer in my future! But you really test the primer, since the parts bang into everything while you wrestle with the squeezer.

Managed to sneak in 2.2 on this task before going to O & E's wedding. He's the first of "our kids" to tie the knot. They make a great couple, and they have a foundation that'll last a long time. Stupid me forgot the camera.

Primer wembling. Bought the SW PG60G2 wash primer but was stuck on the "no significant corrosion protection" bit in the data sheet. At the last minute decided to use the 988 paint bomb. Not plural because had only one can. But that did all of the HS except for one rear spar, 5 of the main ribs, and the skins. So now I will return the P60G2 and go buy more 988. Really wish they made that in MILSPEC green.

Friday: Washed the HS spars/ribs with "mild detergent" and dried. Just used our kitchen dishwashing soap and our utility sink. The spars were too big for that so took them to the shower. .5
Thursday: We had what passes for crappy weather in Texas. 36F and raining. Can't prime. Cold in the garage. So started pulling parts for the vertical stabilizer. And cleaning off the Van's part number stickers. 1.0 hrs.

Factory fresh VS parts.